What is the approach across Europe to transgender identity?

In many European countries, people who identify as transgender must have a mental health diagnosis to get their official records changed.

This, according to Transgender Europe (TGEU), “violates the right of every person to determine their own gender identity.” The website warned a mandatory diagnosis “will further stigmatise, exclude and discriminate against people.”

Cianán Russell, a Senior Policy Officer from ILGA-Europe, an international LGBT association, told Euronews "forced medical and psychiatric exams can be classified as torture or inhuman treatment".

"As with all human rights violations, individual consequences vary from person to person, so it is not possible to provide a blanket answer to this question," they added. "However, the more important issue to note is that all forced medical and psychiatric exams represent a violation of the individual's fundamental human rights."

In Europe, 33 countries require a mental health diagnosis before identity documents can be adapted, which are shown on the below map in red. Read more via EuroNews