Belgium: United Protestant Church of Belgium will accept homosexual pastors

The United Protestant Church of Belgium published a press release on stating that the EPUB now accepts homosexual pastors. The Protestant Synod decided it in an extraordinary assembly around the topic “Homosexuality and pastoral ministry”.

A work group wrote a recommendation that was sent to the local churches and then debated by districts before taking the decision in the Synod. The final decision was that homosexuality is not a criterion to exclude candidates for the ministry.

Pastor Steven H. Fuite, president of the EPUB, insists that the opinion of the Synod is only a “recommendation” and that no one is forced: “Every parish can choose the pastor they want”. The press release talks about unity in diversity. Mr. Fuite explains that this recommendation means that no parish can force their opinion into another. “The differences in our Bible interpretations should not be reasons for disunion”.  Read More