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France: Conservatives protest bill allowing IVF for lesbians

Some shouting “Liberty, Equality, Paternity” — a play on the national French motto — marchers argued that the bill deprives children of the right to a father.

France debates allowing single women and lesbian couples access to IVF

The head of the French bishops conference suggested Catholics had a duty to protest. The far-right National Rally has said the issue should be put to a referendum.

Vatican: Pope Francis meets with priest to discuss LGBTQ Catholics

Pope Francis met one on one with American Jesuit priest James Martin at the Vatican on Monday (Sept. 30) to discuss LGBTQ Catholics, a move some advocates say is a signal of support for a priest who has come under fire for calling on Catholics to be more compassionate to LGBTQ people.

Poland deeply divided over LGBT rights

I’d like to apologize to the whole of Europe for the fact that scenes like this are happening here in the heart of Europe. That attitudes like this are making a comeback in Poland. I don’t understand it and I cannot accept it.

Indonesia: Millions may risk jail as Indonesia to outlaw sex outside marriage

Government, legislature agree new criminal code: Jail terms for sex outside marriage; insulting president. Critics say new code is “extremely regressive”. Advocates say it reflects Indonesia’s religious piety