Taiwan: Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Referendums on the Suicidal Ideation Rate among Nonheterosexual People

The suicidal ideation rate significantly increased in nonheterosexual individuals affected by the same-sex marriage referendums in Taiwan.

China: Guardianship law still falls short for most LGBT couples

Same-sex couples have been able to register as each others’ legal guardians for the past two years, but so far only a handful of people have taken advantage of the change. Advocates say that while the change brings some benefits, it falls short of the protections that having the right to marry would bring

China: Self-surgery, illegal drugs

Many transgender people in China feel forced to seek unregulated, risky treatments, or attempt dangerous self-surgery, because of laws and policies. A lack of professional information on hormone treatment, meanwhile, sees people to turn to the black market or online for drugs

Hong Kong: The gay Hong Kong Chinese men afraid to come out to their families, and why parents need educating to accept them

Hong Kong Chinese respondents to a survey say fear of rejection is the main reason they conceal their gay identities from their families. The unwillingness of gay men in Hong Kong to practise safe sex or disclose they ahve HIV are big factors in the rapid growth in HIV infection rates in the city

The Global Reach of So-called Conversion Therapy

This report draws on data from an extensive literature review, the first-ever global survey on the topic, and in-depth interviews with experts and survivors from various countries.

China: Being transgender in China: activist on her struggles, and surgeon on his patients’ biggest challenge

Chao Xiaomi says there is still a serious lack of LGBT education in China, and wants to reach out to its smallest and most traditional communities. A gender reassignment surgeon says the medical community also lacks understanding, and criteria for surgery can be tough for patients to meet.