New Tools for Addressing Violence and HIV—Linked Public Health Challenges—in KP Programs

Members of key populations experience disproportionate burdens of both HIV and violence. These epidemics are linked—violence increases HIV vulnerability and poses a barrier to HIV testing, disclosure and adherence to antiretroviral therapy.

India: Transgender citizens “integral part of India” that may have been shortchanged by its parliament

All of this seems to suggest that the push for transgender rights by the government was never about empowering the 440,000 transgender Indians, but a publicity stunt to showcase inclusive nationalism to the world at large.

Global Rainbow Catholics meet in Chicago

Developing partnerships and alliances with Catholic church groups and addressing disadvantage in the lives of LGBTIQ people

Australia: LGBTQI community urged to take part in "religious freedom" consultations

LGBTQI people of faith have been urged to make their views known to the Australian Government about proposed religious discrimination and “religious freedom” legislation in the wake of the Israel Folau saga.

US: As Indianapolis Archdiocese stands firm, Cathedral students and alumni pray for change

Hundreds of Indianapolis Catholics on Thursday gathered in front of the Catholic seat of power for the region, the archdiocese, and tried to take back some of that power through an hour of prayer, protest and song.