Winds of Change

HIV, Climate Change, and LGBTQ Equality: Parallel Causes

After thinking about the fight for climate change, and the fight for LGBTQ rights, I realized that there were many similarities about our fights and triumphs. Coincidentally, through the years, our community has heralded major advancements and setbacks alongside those of climate change.

Singapore: Law Minister appreciates the work of Singapore’s only shelter for the transgender community

This is not the first time Mr Shanmugam has spoken publicly about the work social service organisations are doing to help those in the LGBT community. Last year, he said that the LGBT community are “under served” and that organisations that “help reduce HIV, help reduce drug abuse, give emotional support and so on – in my view – should be helped.”

ILGA World Launches Treaty Bodies Strategic Litigation Toolkit

Advocates and litigators from all six ILGA World regions contributed to this toolkit: this is the first publication of its kind to specifically address SOGIESC issues, and a powerful resource in the hands of human rights defenders who wish to use international strategic litigation to bring about justice and change for their communities.

Health for All means ALL: A joint statement on ensuring access to health services for LGBTI people

Putting LGBTI people at the core of services means meaningfully engaging their community-based organizations and networks. LGBTI communities should be involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health services. LGBTI communities are also best-positioned to hold service providers and policy makers accountable to their needs