Australia: Senate debates anti-discrimination protections for students and teachers

On Wednesday parliament began debating a bill from The Greens that would bring in protections for both LGBTI students and teachers in anti-discrimination legislation.

Thailand set to legalize same-sex unions

Thailand may have a reputation for acceptance when it comes to the transgender females that perform in the capital's extravagant cabaret shows, but the country's legal system, like many in Southeast Asia, has traditionally been less accommodating to the LGBT community.

Australia: LGBTI groups, leaders and allies call on Government to protect trans and gender diverse students and teachers

Today 50 organisations called on the Morrison Government to amend outdated anti-discrimination laws to ensure all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people are treated with fairness and equality.

Australia: Read the full 20 recommendations from the religious freedom review

Fairfax Media's exclusive report on Wednesday detailing sections of the religious freedom review commissioned by the Coalition government has triggered a political furore.

Australia: Religious freedom review enshrines right of schools to turn away gay children and teachers

Religious schools would be guaranteed the right to turn away gay students and teachers under changes to federal anti-discrimination laws recommended by the government’s long-awaited review into religious freedom.