India: How stigma prevents Delhi’s gay men from getting tested for HIV

Societal pressures, stigma and 'a lot of shame' push gay sex underground, meaning NGOs must come up with innovative ways to reach members of at-risk community

Facebook needs to take responsibility for the horrifying impact it’s had on the global strikedown of LGBT+ rights

Regressive organisations seem happy to use social media to lie, cheat and misinform to get what they want, posing a real threat to the ongoing move to equal rights

Social Media Giants Have a Big LGBT Problem. Can They Solve It?

YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, and others have caused offense to LGBT users in recent months. Homophobia is partly to blame. So are technical snafus, and corporate and human failure.

Using social media for a gender-transformative response to HIV

UNAIDS welcomes the strengthened focus on accountability that has been generated through the #WhatWomenWant campaign. Together, we are committed to working hand in hand to enhance the meaningful participation of women, with a focus on making human rights and gender equality a reality at all levels of the AIDS response

US: Major corporations seek ruling saying federal nondiscrimination law covers sexual orientation.

Some of America’s most well-known companies are urging the Supreme Court to rule that a federal employment discrimination law prohibits discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation, a position opposite of the one taken by the Trump administration.

Iraq: LGBT community struggles for recognition, rights in Iraqi Kurdistan

"My mother left the can of petrol in the room and gave me a lighter. As she stepped out, she said with a stern face, ‘I want to see flames coming from your body when you come out of this room.'" For 13-year-old Hawre, this was heartbreaking, as his only “crime” was being gay.