Poland: Prison for sex education and contraception prescription

The Sejm will vote on the "Stop pedophilia" project on October 15. The project is aimed at sex educators who are threatened with up to three years in prison for teaching about human sexuality and erotic life. But not only them. Also authors and publishers of books or magazines for teenagers in which contraception and sex are discussed.

Australia: Questions about sexual orientation and gender identity dumped from census

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has ditched preparations to ask about sexual orientation and gender identity in the 2021 census, although a question whether people are male, female or non-binary is still under consideration.

Health for All means ALL: A joint statement on ensuring access to health services for LGBTI people

Putting LGBTI people at the core of services means meaningfully engaging their community-based organizations and networks. LGBTI communities should be involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health services. LGBTI communities are also best-positioned to hold service providers and policy makers accountable to their needs

India: Health for All? Mental & Queer Issues Missing at UN’s Health Plan

Who comes under all? ‘All’ is a nebulous term if not meshed out thoroughly. For example, in creating global healthcare systems the question that must be asked is - are vulnerable, high-risk populations being served as a priority?

US: High stakes for LGBT Americans at Supreme Court next week

Because other federal rights laws besides Title VII bar discrimination on the basis of sex without explicitly banning anti-LGBT discrimination, the Supreme Court’s ruling will have an impact on areas besides employment.

UN: 3 Key Takeaways from the Sustainable Development Goals Summit

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) took center stage on the global agenda as world leaders met during the week of September 23 for the annual high-level week of the United Nations General Assembly. This year’s high-level week featured a range of issues connected to the SDG agenda, from climate action to universal health coverage to financing for development.

Opinion: The UN political declaration on UHC undermines health as a human right

The central problem is that it represents selective “sets of services.” The danger of “nationally determined sets” is that governments could interpret the phrase to mean a limited range of health services, such as those that are profitable commodities, and leave much of the health needs to the whims of private markets.

UN welcomes ‘most comprehensive agreement ever’ on global health

Describing it as an “important landmark” on our “journey to health for all”, Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday welcomed the UN Political Declaration on universal health coverage, or UHC, which commits countries to advance towards full coverage for their citizens in four major areas around primary care.

Health considerations for transgender women and remaining unknowns: a narrative review

In this narrative review, we aim to comprehensively summarize health considerations for transgender women and identify transgender women-related research areas that will provide answers to remaining unknowns surrounding trans women’s health.

China: Guardianship law still falls short for most LGBT couples

Same-sex couples have been able to register as each others’ legal guardians for the past two years, but so far only a handful of people have taken advantage of the change. Advocates say that while the change brings some benefits, it falls short of the protections that having the right to marry would bring