Society at a Glance 2019

This report, the ninth edition of the biennial OECD overview of social indicators, addresses the growing demand for quantitative evidence on social well-being and its trends.

India: Why Madras High Court Ban On Sex Change Surgery For Intersex Children Is Significant

It can be hoped that the ban on sex change surgery for intersex children will help prevent those medical interventions which are guided by parental anxiety rather than by medical advice.

India: In Kerala, intersex candidate for Lok Sabha polls wants to 'protect people's right to be the way they are'

"If I get elected to power, among the most important things I plan to do is to ensure housing for all. It is a basic need of citizens. I will especially take care of the housing needs of migrant labourers and trans people. I have seen a lot of migrant labourers who have to live below the Kochi metro rail. I will ensure proper shelter for them."