Society at a Glance 2019

This report, the ninth edition of the biennial OECD overview of social indicators, addresses the growing demand for quantitative evidence on social well-being and its trends.

Pro-Family Nations and NGOs Celebrate 25th International Day of Families

UN member states and civil society gathered at UN headquarters to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the International Year of the Family during an event titled “It Takes a Family” on May 15, the International Day of Families.

Security Council Adopts Resolution Calling upon Belligerents Worldwide to Adopt Concrete Commitments on Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict

Members Pass Resolution 2467 (2019) by 13 Votes in Favour, None against, as China, Russian Federation Abstain

Indonesia: LGBT communities viewed as a moral threat – condemned by religion and, increasingly, by law

The Muslim-majority nation is using a pornography law to target LGBT people, with public humiliation a ritual punishment. HIV epidemic feared as homosexual stigma forces many to go ‘underground’, with as much as half of the infected population undiagnosed

Indonesia: North Sumatra University breaks up student forum on LGBT literature

Shortly after disbanding its student press, Suara USU, for publishing an LGBT-themed short story, North Sumatra University (USU) has barred former members of the now-defunct press organization from holding discussions on LGBT issues.

Indonesia: 'Suara USU' student website faces permit revocation for LGBT-themed story

The rector of state-run North Sumatra University (USU), Runtung Sitepu, has threatened to revoke the publishing permit of the campus’ student website, Suara USU, after the news outlet published a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)-themed short story.

Human Rights Watch Country Profiles: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

The following country profiles are derived in part from sections of the Human Rights Watch 2019 World Report that relate to the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

Indonesia: Homophobia and rising Islamic intolerance push Indonesia's intersex bissu priests to the brink

Once kingmakers in one of the most gender fluid societies on earth, the intersex bissu priests of Sulawesi — Indonesia's third-largest island — are on the verge of disappearing after years of cultural decline and increasing persecution.