UK: He Found His Husband Dead From A GHB Overdose But Is Now Fighting To Uncover The Truth About What Happened

Ashley Chaplin's discovery turned into a mystery. Here, he tells BuzzFeed News of the questions still remaining and asks whether the police understand what was really happening.

UK: The Hidden Epidemic Of Abuse, Overdose, And Death Caused By The Sex Drug G

Exclusive: In the first part of a major investigation by BuzzFeed News and Channel 4’s Dispatches, we reveal the hidden epidemic of sexual violence, drugging, and deaths caused by the drug G.

US: Transgender Identity and Experiences of Violence Victimization, Substance Use, Suicide Risk, and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among High School Students — 19 States and Large Urban School Districts, 2017

Transgender youths (those whose gender identity* does not align with their sex†) experience disparities in violence victimization, substance use, suicide risk, and sexual risk compared with their cisgender peers (those whose gender identity does align with their sex) Yet few large-scale assessments of these disparities among high school students exist.