Thailand: testBKK Launches Harm Reduction Resources for Thai MSM

testBKK, APCOM’s flagship HIV testing campaign targeted to young gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in Bangkok, has released the first and only chemsex-oriented harm reduction interventions that is presented in Thai language and targeted to MSM population.

UK: Rehab is a lonely place for a gay man like me

Mark Prest is founder of Portraits of Recovery (PORe), a UK based, international visual arts charity to support people and communities affected by and in recovery from substance misuse to open up new ways of knowing and looking at the subject by working with contemporary visual art and artists.

Philippines: Sex, drugs and disease: The deadly mix

PnP has many names including “partee’ and play,” “chemsex session,” “fly high,” "rave," “slam,” “chill” and “circuit party,” all with the use of drinks and drugs that lower inhibitions, boost physical activity and prolong penile erections for sustained sex with multiple partners, which means everyone participating in the party.