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UK: He Found His Husband Dead From A GHB Overdose But Is Now Fighting To Uncover The Truth About What Happened

Ashley Chaplin's discovery turned into a mystery. Here, he tells BuzzFeed News of the questions still remaining and asks whether the police understand what was really happening.

UK: The Hidden Epidemic Of Abuse, Overdose, And Death Caused By The Sex Drug G

Exclusive: In the first part of a major investigation by BuzzFeed News and Channel 4’s Dispatches, we reveal the hidden epidemic of sexual violence, drugging, and deaths caused by the drug G.

Iraq: How A Housepainter And An Army Widow Led The Secret Fight To Save LGBT People From ISIS

One is the son of a communist who smuggled messages in kebabs for party members. The other is an army widow whose husband was killed by al-Qaeda. Together they want to convince the world that targeting LGBT people is a crime against humanity.

Indonesia: LGBT communities viewed as a moral threat – condemned by religion and, increasingly, by law

The Muslim-majority nation is using a pornography law to target LGBT people, with public humiliation a ritual punishment. HIV epidemic feared as homosexual stigma forces many to go ‘underground’, with as much as half of the infected population undiagnosed

Singapore: With a house still divided over 377A, time to seek common ground

More than a decade after a bruising and fractious debate that ended in a stalemate, the powder keg that is Section 377A of the Penal Code has been reignited, following a decision by India’s Supreme Court to strike down a law criminalising sex between men.

How the LGBTQ Fight in India Went From Being a Health Issue to Civil Rights

The Delhi high court's verdict striking down Section 377 was preceded by years of hard, deliberate and targeted effort put in by the LGBTQ community’s activism, developmental agencies and NACO.