Global Rainbow Catholics meet in Chicago

Developing partnerships and alliances with Catholic church groups and addressing disadvantage in the lives of LGBTIQ people

US: Indianapolis Archdiocese aggressive, but not alone, in firing gay teachers. Here's why.

Indianapolis is not the first city to see its Catholic schools grappling with the employment of LGBT people but some advocates say the archdiocese — and Archbishop Charles C. Thompson — seems to be pursuing the issue more aggressively than elsewhere in the country.

US: As Indianapolis Archdiocese stands firm, Cathedral students and alumni pray for change

Hundreds of Indianapolis Catholics on Thursday gathered in front of the Catholic seat of power for the region, the archdiocese, and tried to take back some of that power through an hour of prayer, protest and song.

US: Cathedral High School terminates gay teacher to stay in Indianapolis Archdiocese

Just days after the Archdiocese of Indianapolis cut ties with one Catholic high school over its decision to continue to employee a gay teacher, another school is firing one of its educators to avoid the same fate.

Employees of Catholic Institutions Who Have Been Fired, Forced to Resign, Had Offers Rescinded, or Had Their Jobs Threatened Because of LGBT Issues

Below is a list, organized by year, of workers in Catholic institutions who have been fired, forced to resign, had offers rescinded, or had their jobs threatened because of LGBT issues.