Israel: Latest country to reveal over half of young people ‘not 100% straight’

It seems the whole world is opening up in its approach to sexuality. A recent UK survey found that 49% of young Brits identify as something other than “100% heterosexual”. A similar survey in the US found that 78% of Americans identified as heterosexual – but only 4% of those said they were “100% heterosexual.”

Now, Israel is the latest country to jump on the bisexual bandwagon. The Israeli website Mako & the Pannels Institute conduct a study asking non-religious Israeli Jews over the age of 18 about sexual preferences.

Once again, the results revealed that the younger generation see themselves on a sexual spectrum. Researchers found that 67% of respondents considered themselves to be heterosexual, but only 3% of those said they were “100% homosexual.” The remaining 30% said they were somewhere in-between straight and gay. Read More via Pink News