Thailand: Tangerine Community Health Centre for trans-specific healthcare

In a historic movement for transgender rights in Thailand, the Thai Red Cross Aids Research Centre, with USAid and partners, has unveiled the Tangerine Community Health Centre -- the first clinic in Thailand to provide trans-specific healthcare and counselling services.

Transgender people have been fixtures in the tourism and entertainment industries. However, stigma and discrimination have prevented them from accessing many public services. Healthcare is one of the most crucial areas they are vulnerable. 

"To be honest, we don't really need a school or a hospital especially set aside for trans. If we keep on separating, how can we coexist peacefully in society?" said Jetsada. "However, with Tangerine, I don't view it as a separation. We need Tangerine, right now, as there's not enough knowledge body within our existing healthcare system. We hope, in the future, states will adapt and apply the Tangerine model to public hospitals." Read more via Bangkok Post