US: LGBTQ youth engaged in 'survival sex' see perks for skipping condoms – survey

Choosing not to use a condom can mean an extra meal or shelter for LGBTQ youth, according to a survey of young people in New York City who exchange sex for money to pay for basic needs – a practice also known as “survival sex”.

The health habits of 283 LGBTQ youth in New York City who who become involved in the commercial sex market to meet “basic survival needs” were published in a study by the nonprofit Urban Institute.

“A common theme we had through a lot of the conversations was ‘I’m doing this because I have no other choice’ and ‘this is the only way I can get by,’” said Meredith Dank, the study’s lead author. Of those surveyed, 99% said they use protection against sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy, though only 63% said they used protection all the time.  Read more via the Guardian