Digital Pride: The first online, global Pride festival

The LGBTI Pride movement is going fully online for the first time with a new global event – Digital Pride.
Created by Gay Star News, the Digital Pride festival was the first Pride anyone, anywhere in the world can join in – all they need is a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Live-streamed video discussions on topics ranging from identity and isolation to international LGBTI rights. Celebrities, politicians, activists and YouTube stars will be joining in with video messages and the world’s leading social media channels will help amplify the message of LGBTI love.

Scott Nunn, Gay Star News director, said: ‘For a lot of people going to a Pride is not an option. They could risk their lives by trying to be open and proud about who they are. ‘The LGBTI community connects digitally more than any other way and we have used our power online to accelerate change around the world.  Read more and check out the discussions via Gay Star News