The Asia Pacific Trans Health Blueprint in Action

The Asia Pacific Trans Health Blueprint is a tool for the work we all do to improve health and human rights for trans people and trans communities. It is a comprehensive, accessible trans health reference document for trans community advocates, health professionals, policymakers, and those who design or deliver services to trans people.

The Blueprint provides information about the current health and human rights situation for trans people in Asia and the Pacific. This includes clinical advice about meeting the health needs of trans children, youth and adults. In addition, the Blueprint includes good practice examples provided by health professionals and/or trans communities about health initiatives that are working in this region. It describes policies that are making a difference in trans people’s lives.

The Blueprint builds the case for changing laws, policies, and practices so that trans people are able to participate fully in every country and community across this region. 

A document about trans people’s lives can only be inclusive and useful with the true involvement of trans communities. That has happened through the Blueprint process. The Blueprint was developed as a partnership between APTN, UNDP, and the USAID- and PEPFAR-funded Health Policy Project. APTN worked closely with the Pacific Sexual Diversity Network to make sure that the voices and experiences of Pacific trans people are visible alongside those of trans women, trans men and third gender people from all parts of Asia.

At the first consultation meeting a year ago, participants identified an urgent need for comprehensive evidence about trans health and human rights in this region, so that the issues trans people face cannot be ignored. There was also a strong commitment to use the Blueprint to bring about local change. There is a role for all of us in doing that. Read more via APTN

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