Lebanon: LAU just hosted Lebanon's first-ever queer fashion show

Models hit the stage at the Lebanese American University (LAU) on Thursday for a fashion show that was all about gender equality, gender fluidity, and gay pride. 

During "Reflections," a multidisciplinary event on gender equality and human rights, Lebanese fashion design student Aniss Ezzedine showcased designs that blurred the lines of gender stereotypes and gave members of the LGBTQ+ community a platform to express themselves. 

According to Ezzedine, Thursday's show was most likely Lebanon's first-ever queer fashion show. 

Speaking to StepFeed, Ezzedine said he was selected to present the fashion show since his work revolves around gender fluidity and gender equality.

To do this, he created androgynous designs and cast models from across the sexuality spectrum.

"I had a transsexual [model], a straight girl, a straight guy, a homosexual, a bisexual ... all kinds of sexual orientations," he explained. "I wanted diversity in my show." 

So, on Thursday night, male models rocked skirts and dresses, while females strutted in what might stereotypically be considered as unfeminine. 

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