Hong Kong, Guadalajara and Washington D.C fight to host Gay Games 2022

Guadalajara will fight to host the Gay Games 2022, as the organization revealed. The Mexican city will contend with Hong Kong (China) and Washington (United States).

Emy Ritt, director of the Games, in recent days, explained to La Afición the three fundamental requirements to be a candidate for the next games:

“First: to have a very strong LGBT community in sport and culture and to work very well together, the second is to have strong support from the government at local, regional and national levels, and the third is to have experience organizing tournaments, even small tournaments” .

Guadalajara already has a history in the organization of international events, as demonstrated by the 2011 Pan American Games; even Emy said that Guadalajara, “if it shows you have all the elements, you can have a good opportunity.”

The final vote to determine the venue of the Games will take place this week at the Annual General Meeting of the FGG, to be held in Paris, France. Read more via PVDN