US: This website scores churches based on their LGBTQ inclusivity

Navigating different parts of your life can be difficult. Finding a congregation that suits you is part of this.

Luckily, the new website Church Clarity is here to help LGBTQ religious people do just that.

‘We believe that churches have a responsibility to be clear about their policies on their primary websites,’ the organization states. ‘At the level of the local church, policies are often communicated unclearly, if they are disclosed at all. In many churches, especially evangelical ones, clarity is elusive.’

Founded by Tim Schraeder, the main belief of the group is that ‘ambiguity is harmful and clarity is reasonable’.

The website analyzes various churches’ websites to find out if they clearly indicate LGBTQ policies.

They believe these policies are critical ‘because they directly impact queer people’s ability to participate, or not, in a church’.

Church Clarity offers five main scores: undisclosed, unclear: non-affirming, unclear: affirming, clear: non-affirming, and clear: affirming. Read more via Gay Star News