Attitude’s Masculinity Survey Reveals Almost 75% of Gay Men Are Turned Off by Effeminate Guys

As we explore the relationship between gay men and masculinity in our landmark new issue – available to download and in shops today – an extensive survey conducted by Attitude has revealed some facts that might startle you.

A survey of more than 5,000 readers, conducted in October 2017, revealed to us that a whopping 71% of gay men have found themselves actively turned off by a prospective partner because they have shown signs of femininity.

Worryingly, only 29% of those asked said they saw more effeminate characteristics in men as a positive.

Responding to the question Have you ever thought that effeminate gay men give the gay community a bad image or reputation? again, a rather sizeable 41% responded with “Yes”.

It appears as though as gay men, our opinion of ourselves has created somewhat of a masculinity crisis within the LGBT+ community. 

The survey also revealed that 41% of bisexual, queer and gay men have considered themselves “less of a man” because of their sexuality.

In response to the shocking findings, Attitude’s Editor-in-Chief, Matt Cain, says: “Masculinity is in crisis. At least that’s the message that seems to emerge pretty much every day from the mainstream media.

“Broadsheets, Sunday supplements and radio and TV discussion programmes are full of straight men debating what it means to be a man, what constitutes modern masculinity, and whining about how difficult it is to respect themselves now that women are becoming more powerful and that male privilege is being eroded. Read more via Attitude