US: 12 Things We Should Be Doing For Transgender Women Of Color

Jojo Striker was just 23 years old when she was shot and killed in an empty garage in Toledo, Ohio this February. She was the third transgender or gender non-conforming person killed in 2017. Since her death, 22 more people have been murdered — most of them, transgender women of color.

Today, November 20, is Transgender Day Of Remembrance; a day set aside to remember and honor people like Striker and the 24 others whose deaths have been reported this year — though some reports say 26 have been killed in 2017, and the numbers are never 100% accurategiven deaths that go unreported. But it's also a day to take action, and Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison has written out a list of what legislators can do to support the transgender people in their communities.

Ellison, along with six other representatives, introduced a resolution with the House Of Representatives that criticizes Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recent decision to roll back worker protections for transgender people, recognizes that the murder of transgender people and especially transgender women of color is a crisis, and offers suggestions for legislators on how to better serve the transgender community. Read more via Refinery29