Australia: Aged Care for Transgender and Intersex Australians Lags Behind

Minister for Aged Care Ken Wyatt, last Thursday released the findings of LGBTI Aged Care Strategy Review which looked to report on the government’s progress in implementing the LGBTI strategy introduced in December 2012.

The review was undertaken by the Department of Health in consultation with the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy Working Group.

It found that while stakeholders strongly supported the principles and goals of the LGBTI strategy, improving “the knowledge and confidence of aged care staff in working with transgender and intersex people, including their specific health-related issues, [is] necessary”.

“A number of stakeholders suggested that, while considerable gains had been made for lesbian, gay and bisexual people, transgender and intersex people have not had the same experience, and improvements in inclusive care for these groups (including their specific health care needs) are lagging,” the report said.

“Stakeholders agreed that the principles and goals of the LGBTI strategy remain relevant in addressing the ongoing challenges in ensuring that the aged care system meets the needs of LGBTI people… [And] were also keen to ensure the momentum gathered through the life of the LGBTI strategy is not lost.”

The minister agreed that the momentum built over the duration of the strategy needed to be maintained.

“The review indicates that the strategy initiated five years ago has had a positive effect but it is important to keep the momentum going and build on the success of this work,” Wyatt said. Read more via PRObono