Bermuda: Tony Brannon “Very Sad Day For Bermuda”

It is a “very sad day for Bermuda” which is “on the wrong side of history,” Tony Brannon said following the Domestic Partnerships Act passing in the House of Assembly, with Mr Brannon adding that “Bermuda will lose untold millions in LGBT tourism revenue.”

The Domestic Partnerships Act aims to replace same-sex marriage with a domestic partnership arrangement which can be entered into by both same-sex and heterosexual couples.

Same sex marriage became legal following a Supreme Court decision in May 2017, when the court ruled in favour of Winston Godwin and Greg DeRoche, saying “the common law discriminates against same-sex couples by excluding them from marriage.”

However the Bill seeks to change the legal status, and a vote related to the procedure of the Bill passed by a margin of 24 – 10, with all PLP MPs present voting yes,  while most OBA MPs vote no, with two exceptions; the OBA’s Craig Cannonier and Sylvan Richards both voted yes. Read more via BerNews