Uganda: Police shut down queer film festival

A queer film festival in Uganda has been raided by police after they were tipped off about the event’s secret location.

The Queer Kampala International Film Festival (QueerKIFF) was set to take place from December 8-10 but despite careful planning, the screening of LGBT+ films from around the world was interrupted on Saturday.  

“The LGBT Film Festival in Uganda which started yesterday has been raided by the Uganda police,” event organisers wrote on Facebook.

“The organisers advise all our members not to go to any of the secret venues because it’s riskier at this time because the people who informed police about our secret venues are members of Ugandan LGBT organisations who don’t want the festival.”

Festival organiser Kamoga Hassan also noted that it was an LGBT+ organisation that had tipped off police but did not name the group.  

“A Ugandan LGBT organisation which is against the festival has called the police to come and shut the LGBT film Festival in Uganda,” Hassan wrote on Facebook

“I was informed that the police was coming to arrest and beat up all the participants. Within hours the police came in.” Read more via SBS