Italy: CILD Names Wajahat Abbas Kazmi Activist of the Year

As promoter of the “Allah Loves Equality” campaign, Italian-Pakistani film director Wajahat Abbas Kazmi traveled to Pakistan in November, along with fellow activist and member of Il Grande Colibrì association, Elena De Piccoli, to film a documentary that will be entitled like the campaign. The film will finally raise up the voices of gay, lesbian and transsexual people in Pakistan.

Defending Human Rights

Kazmi, who is also an activist with Amnesty International, returned from his recent trip to find a pleasant surprise. He was named Young Activist of the Year from the Italian Coalition for Freedom and Rights (CILD). The award is given to individuals who distinguish themselves in the promotion and protection of civil liberties, human rights and democratic principles in Italy. The director received the award Friday December 15 at 5pm during a ceremony at the “Biblioteca interculturale Cittadini del mondo” in Rome.

In addition to Kazmi, others will be awarded for human rights work in different fields, including: Swimmers Manila Flamini and Giorgio Minisini, former footballer Damiano Tommasi, Manlio Milani, the “Giulio siamo noi” Twitter account (set up following Giulio Regeni’s murder), lawyer Fabio Anselmo (in the forefront of trials for people who have died due to police brutality), recently deceased journalist Alessandro Leogrande, and public employee Franco Lorenzoni, who launched a campaign to approve the “ius soli” citizenship law for foreigners born in Italy. Read more via il grande colibri