Bermuda: The Queen might have to give approval to a law banning gay marriage

The British monarchy is in an unfortunate bind in Bermuda – where the Queen’s assent might have to be given to a law banning same-sex marriage.

Same-sex weddings were allowed to begin in Bermuda earlier this year after a court ruling, but the political establishment in the country has conspired to stamp out the practise.  Both the House and Senate in the Bermudan Parliament have this month passed a bill that bans couples from marrying once again.

The Domestic Partnership Bill, which passed through Parliament by votes of 8-3 and 24-10, would abolish same-sex marriage, while extending a lesser form of civil partnership to gay people. The law will also cause chaos for the cruise ship industry – as many ships are registered in Bermuda, and had already begun taking bookings for same-sex weddings under Bermudan law. However, as Bermuda is a  British Overseas Territory, the law must be given Royal Assent on behalf of the British monarch. Read more via Pink News