Singapore: LGBT rally says 'no choice' but to bar outsiders

Singapore's Pink Dot LGBT rights rally will allow only Singaporean citizens and permanent residents to attend this year's event because of legal changes.

Organisers announced the restrictions with "profound regret", saying they had been reminded of new rules by police in the wealthy city state.

Previously only locals were allowed to actively "demonstrate" by holding up placards, but foreigners could nonetheless attend, Pink Dot says.

The Pink Dot rally has been held annually since 2009 in the country's Speakers' Corner, where demonstrations are allowed without a police permit. About 30% of Singapore's population are neither citizens nor permanent residents.

In a statement on Sunday, Pink Dot said that recent changes to Singapore's Public Order Act meant that "the law no longer distinguishes between participants and observers, and regards anyone who turns up to the Speakers' Corner in support of an event to be part of an assembly". Read more via BBC