Australia: This drag queen is promoting HIV testing and it’s brilliantly hilarious

A famous drag queen in Australia has released a video promoting HIV and other STI tests and it is brilliant. Maxi Shield, an iconic queen from Sydney, teamed up with the LGBT health organisation ACON to create the video which follows her journey of a check up on her sexual health.

Shield ventures into the testing centre on Oxford, a gay hotspot in Sydney. Questions about the process of testing and preparation are all answered by the camp train thought of the queen.

“Being able to walk in and talk with someone just like you is a very reassuring experience, and one that can put men at ease who are not quite sure about the testing process,” she explained.

The queen jokes about recognising some of the other men in the clinic and hopes that she can get more intimate with them at some point. The video has been released in conjunction with the beginning of New South Wales HIV testing week and Pride month. Read more via Pink News