Canada: This new Canadian law considers denying a child's gender identity a form of abuse

Ontario, Canada recently passed the Youth and Families Act of 2017. Also known as Bill 89, this new law gives the right to the government to take children away from families that don’t support their gender identity.

Replacing old laws determining child protection, foster care, and adoption service, this Act requires all children’s services and judges to consider a child’s ‘race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.’

While older laws allowed parents to control a child’s education and religious upbringing, the new Act amends this right. It states parents are only allowed to ‘direct the child or young person’s education and upbringing, in accordance with the child’s or young person’s creed, community identity and cultural identity.’ Read more via Gay Star News