US: Should We Let Police and Problematic Corporations March in Pride Parades?

This Saturday, an organization named No Justice No Pride (NJNP) repeatedly blocked the Capital Pride parade in Washington D.C. to protest the participation of police groups and corporations like Lockheed Martin and Wells Fargo Bank for their connections to arms manufacturing, privatized prisons, immigrant detention centers and the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). NJNP’s protest reignited a long-burning question over how closely the LGBTQ community should align itself with organizations whose work harms LGBTQ individuals.

During their protest, NJNP demonstrators held street-length banners that read, “Queer and trans resistance,” “No pride in police violence,” “No pride in prisons, pipelines or deportations,” “Wells Fargo = native genocide; private prisons and immigrant detention,” and “War profiteers have no place in our community.”

Despite the fact that pride parades originally began as protests against police, some LGBTQ people — like black, gay Canadian writer Orville Lloyd Douglas — says that he disagrees with organizations that want to bar police from pride events. Read more via Unicorn Booty