US: People In Oregon Will Be Able To Identify As Nonbinary On Their Driver's Licenses

Oregon on Thursday became the first state in the US to allow people to identify as nonbinary on their driver's licenses.

The Oregon Transportation Commission approved a rule change that would add a third option for sex on its ID cards. In addition to M for male and F for female, people will now have the option of X for "not specified."

Transportation Commission member Sean O'Hollaren said that though the process for changing the rule was simple, its impact for nonbinary people was much larger.

"When we request approval on an administrative rule, it just doesn’t do it justice," he said. "It’s fitting that this is before us during pride week in Oregon and pride month around the country."

The rule change comes after the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles received a court order to change the sex on a resident's driver's license. The DMV had an established process involving court orders to change a person's sex between male or female if they were transgender, DMV administrator Tom McClellan said. But in the June 2016 order, the judge ruled the person should be identified as nonbinary, he said. Read more via Buzzfeed