Canada: Our population doesn't look like all white guys': Canada's military tries to rebrand as ultra-inclusive

The Canadian military has announced plans to rebrand itself and recruit more women and members of the LGBT community.

They hope this move will diversify the military and make it more inclusive to people from different communities. 

Canada’s military is going all out to erase its reputation for intolerance and misogyny, aiming to recast itself instead as welcoming to Canadians of all races, religions and sexual orientations.

The effort — driven by several factors, including a need to bolster its dwindling numbers — includes a comprehensive effort to connect with and recruit women, new citizens and even members of the LGBT community.

The Trudeau government’s plan to invest an extra $62 billion in the military over the next 20 years includes hiring 3,500 more full-time personnel and 1,500 part-time reservists, numbers that would bring the ranks of the Forces to their highest level since the end of the Cold War.  Read more via National Post