Russia: Russian-Based Startup Commits to Disrupt LGBT Space Via Partner APP

Indie developers release the new Partner APP for nontraditional dating that provides a safe experience for users not ready for coming out. Merging technology and behavioral patterns of LGBT communities across the world, a Russian developer has created a new way to dating without fear. No profiles approach in the app allows to meet someone only when both are ready to make escape in a safe place. Personal photos are invisible, and all chats are deleted in 24 hours. All these and additional features make the app the most secure means of communication for LGBT, according to the users' testimonials. 

"We are the company with a mission to make LGBT world a better place," says the founder of Partner APP, who remains anonymous. Lately Russia has been spotlighted as a gay unfriendly country due to statements made by officials and public figures. But the company believes that homophobic attitudes can change and continues to improve the product. Opposite to what critics are saying, the big idea behind the Partner APP is not to promote LGBT relations but to make a change and help nontraditional communities to feel safer and secure. Read more via PR Newswire