UK: Do transgender women need breast cancer screenings?

The leaflet, released today, aims to tackle uncertainty over when transgender people need to consider breast cancer screenings and cervical cancer screenings.

The guide explains that transgender men are recommended to consider having breast screening if they have not had chest reconstruction (top surgery) or still have breast tissue.

It adds that contrary to popular belief, transgender women who have been on long-term hormone therapy should also consider breast screenings, as they have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. 

Breast screening is a free NHS test that is carried out at breast screening centres and at mobile breast screening units across England.

Meanwhile, advice for cervical screenings (smear tests) is also different for transgender people. Trans women who are registered with their doctors as females may be routinely invited for cervical screening, but do not need to be screened as they do not have a cervix.

The advice for transgender men adds: “If you have not had a total hysterectomy and still have a cervix, you should still consider having cervical screening. This is especially important if you have had any abnormal cervical screening results in the past.” Read more via Pink News