US: A Safe And Supportive Space For Gender Expansive Children

This summer, many parents will spend a weekend with their children at family camps that cater to parents with musical kids, or kids who play tennis, or kids who just like to spend time outdoors. But this Saturday I’ll be with about 900 parents, children, and teens at a unique weekend experience that has a truly profound potential to change their lives for the better.

This event, the Gender Spectrum annual conference, will kick-off Saturday morning with everyone in a room together at St. Mary’s College of California in the Bay Area (the weekend is preceded by a one-day symposium for professionals who learn how they can help gender expansive youth feel seen and safe in education, health care and other environments). The conference is our major yearly gathering where parents and their gender expansive children can come together and share their experiences and stories. For many of the participants, this will be the first time they have ever been in a large group and have not felt alone, out of place, threatened, or just different. Read more via HuffPost