US: Bisexual teacher came out to help suicidal students but then lost his job

A Kentucky-based teacher lost his job after coming out as bisexual in an attempt to help suicidal students. 

Nicholas Breiner started teaching chorus three years ago at McNabb Middle School in Montgomery County, Kentucky.

In a press statement, he explained: ‘For years, it was my opinion that my sexual orientation was my business and nobody else’s. 

‘When a child is ready to take their own life because they love differently than those around them, you must prioritize their safety over your own privacy.’

He explained he was previously afraid his community wouldn’t accept him for who he is.

After a decade in the closet, he came out  with the hope of helping suicidal LGBTI students at his school.

‘I had stayed in the closet for years. But I have had two students attempt suicide this year. I have intervened on five others before they got that far.

‘The vast majority of these students were LGBT students,’ Breiner explained.  Read more via Gay Star News