UK: Tory minister Nick Gibb vows to stamp out homophobic bullying as he reveals personal battle to admit his sexuality

Education minister Nick Gibb has vowed to stamp out homophobic playground bullying as he opened up about his personal battle to publicly admit his sexuality.

The Tory MP, who kept his relationship a secret for 29 years, wants to wipe out the use of the word "gay" as a term of abuse in schools.

Mr Gibb, who married his long-term partner Michael two years ago, said widespread intolerance and discrimination meant it had been easier previously not to tell people they were together.

But he told the Mail On Sunday the secrecy of his past had made him "determined" to make a difference for LGBT people.

In an article for the newspaper, he wrote: "Having felt the need to be silent for decades about my sexuality, I am determined to make a positive difference. I will be tireless in ensuring that all gay, lesbian, bi and trans people can live free, happy and fulfilling lives." Read more via Evening Standard