UK: My Pride Story: LGBT students must ask firms the challenging questions

Born and bred in Germany, I went on to live and study in the Netherlands, France and Ireland before moving to the UK. Feeling a bit lost during my school years and trying to test the waters a little by pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone, I felt that moving between different countries and cultures helped me build a strong inner compass when it comes to my own core values and convictions.

Falling within the ‘B’ in LGBT, the main challenge I have faced is invisibility. People will assume that I am gay or straight depending on the gender of my partner at the time. Some would say that being Bi, rather paradoxically, is difficult for people within the LGT community and beyond to understand because it defeats the idea of binary thinking, trying to place people neatly into one box or the other.

For me joining PRISM, Slaughter and May’s LGBT network, was one way of coming out as bisexual.  Rather than taking on a negative narrative when it comes to questions regarding my personal life (which might be something as simple as ‘What did you do this weekend?’) and feeling like I need to correct people’s assumptions, getting involved in the LGBT network and being a visible champion for inclusion has put a positive spin on the question of sexuality – framed as an opportunity rather than a problem. Read more via Lawyer 2B