Germany: Founder of 'liberal' Berlin mosque given 24-hour police guards after deluge of death threats

A women's rights activist who established a "liberal" mosque where burkas are banned has been placed under 24-hour police protection after receiving a deluge of death threats.

Seyran Ates, 54, set up Ibn Rushd Goethe Mosque along with six colleagues in Berlin last month to take a stand against fundamentalism and cater for a "modern" interpretation of Islam.

Worshippers of different branches of the religion, as well as homosexuals and atheists, are welcome at the mosque, which counters convention by allowing men and women to pray together.

The mosque has both male and female imams and does not allow full face veils for "security reasons". Founders also believe the garments are "nothing to do with religion, but rather are a political statement". Ms Ates said she had received thousands of abusive messages each day after the mosque opened in mid-June, with some branding her "the devil incarnate" and telling her she should burn in Hell. Turkish and Egyptian authorities have condemned the mosque. Read more via Evening Standard