Japan: Commercial reveals what some LGBT individuals go through in Japan

Rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have seen improvements in Japan, with same-sex couples recognized by Sapporo and a few wards in Tokyo. Recognition comes in the form of legally non-binding certificates, which allow couples to be treated as if they’re married when it comes to things like life insurance or apartment rentals.

It is far from sufficient though, and in an effort to raise awareness and promote LGBT rights, Tokai Television Broadcasting produced a series of commercials that gives a glimpse into the minds of LGBT individuals. 

Preferring to be anonymous, these two have been in a relationship for eight years, and they aren’t afraid to list each other’s good qualities on camera. When asked what they think about marriage, the answer is simple: if a proper marriage system is in place that brings them on par with the rest of the world, they’ll tie the knot in a heartbeat.

After that, we meet Fumino Sugiyama who was born a girl. Read more via SoraNews 24

Think through the story of the sexual minority parties and their families the theme of "diversity of sex". Prejudice of society and "preparedness" of people living this sex. Through CM, people tell people that their way of life is diverse.