UK: Bisexuals Have a Lower Quality of Life Than Gay Men, But Why?

A recent study in the UK found that those who identify as gay or lesbian, or bisexual report lower well-being than the average person for all personal well-being measures.

Bisexuals fare the worst.

Research published by the Office of National Statistics showed that LGB people scored lower than heterosexual people when rating their own quality of life, life satisfaction, happiness and perception that the things they do in life are worthwhile.

The largest differences in personal well-being were seen in anxiety. Three in every ten people (30.1%) who identify themselves as bisexual reported their anxiety as high. This compares with two in every ten people (19.5%) who identify themselves as heterosexual or straight.

The results from the ONS study echo findings from a similar study conducted by Rice University in 2015.

The report “A New Piece of the Puzzle: Sexual Orientation, Gender and Physical Health Status” analyzed the self-rated health and contributing factors among 10,218 gays, lesbians and bisexuals, along with 405,145 straight people. Bisexuals fared worse than heterosexuals and homosexuals in every category.

Results of that study indicate that bisexuals on average experience poorer health, make less money, often don’t graduate college and smoke more cigarettes. Read more via Unicorn Booty