Faith, Sex, And Culture: Why LGBT Attitudes Vary Widely Across Nations

Members of which of the following faiths are least likely to express disapproval of homosexuality?

A. Catholicism.

B. Buddhism.

C. Hinduism.

If you answered A, you would be correct, according to an analysis of World Values Survey data from 87 nations.

And the members of what tradition along with Islam appear to be the most likely to express disapproval? Protestantism.

These are just a couple of the findings some may be surprised by in a new book, “Cross-National Public Opinion About Homosexuality: Examining Attitudes Across the Globe.”

Sociologist Amy Adamczyk of the City University of New York explores data from three waves of World Values Surveydata covering nearly 85 percent of the global population, along with country case studies, media analysis and in-depth interviews.

Her general findings are that tolerance for homosexuality “tends to be reduced by overall levels of religious importance, affected by the dominant religion, and boosted by economic development and democracy.”

Still, no one factor tells the whole story.

The “mystery” she helps unravel is why, despite the fact most world religions have proscriptions against homosexual practices, some nations are much more tolerant than others.

Faith matters, but so does culture. Read more via HuffPost