Nigeria: Rapper, M.I Abaga Voices Support For Gay, Lesbians

Ace rapper Nigerian rapper, Jude Abaga, also known as M.I Abaga, has bared his thoughts about the discrimination against homosexuals in Nigeria.

The rapper was speaking about the Taxify incident where a driver sexually assaulted a lady by grabbing her breast and squeezing her nipple after she told him she was a lesbian.

He criticized the anti-gay rights law in Nigeria when he featured on a podcast show, Middle Ground, which was hosted by the trio of April Maey, Loose Kaynon, and Wendy Akomolafe-Kalu.

According to the Chocolate City boss, there is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian, therefore, there is no reason homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to be who they are.

“I feel like I have a few friends with different sexual orientations and I think it’s stupid that we have that law in Nigeria, but now that we do, until the law is repealed, I feel it’s not safe to openly disclose your sexuality.

As the discussion veered off into lesbianism, gay rights, moral ethics and what not, M.I could be heard talking at length about how everyone is entitled to their sexuality.

“It’s not my business what anybody does. And what I mean [by that] is, it’s my privacy. Everybody has a right to their privacy.

Of course, this did not go down well with a few of his fans who traded words with the artiste while he further revealed how less care is given to homosexuals.

A somewhat disappointed fan @Giddylee responded to the conversation via Twitter saying:

“I never thought I’d ever disagree with M.I on anything, but saying Nigeria’s law on Gays/Lesbian is wrong…I totally disagree, sir.”