US: Being lonely and single can kill you faster than being morbidly obese, study finds

A new survey into more than 200 studies on loneliness has found isolation has a greater effect on life chances than weight. Social connections are “crucial” to human well-being, with isolation being a growing public health hazard.  The investigation found that while obesity increases your chances of an early death by 30%, loneliness can increase it by 50%.

Those with weak social connections – which can often be a consequence of being single, the survey cites – are at an increased risk of having a lower quality of life. 

A study has found that gay and bisexual people are disproportionately affected by mental health issues compared to their straight counterparts. 11% of gay men and 15% of bisexual men reported experiencing mental health issues, compared to 5% of heterosexual men. Among trans teenagers, a recent report indicated that 40% of trans teens have considered taking their own lives. 

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