Australia: Pride Centre changes rainbow logo to add brown and black stripes, representing people of colour

A proposed Pride Centre in Australia has updated its rainbow logo with two new colours. Brown and black were added to represent LGBTI people of colour.

The proposed Victorian Pride Centre in Melbourne will be an LGBTI hub to bring the community together in a single space. The Victorian State Government has backed the centre with $15 million in funding. It will be built in the LGBTI-friendly suburb of St Kilda.

When completed, the centre will be home to practical and supportive services as well as an international tourist destination.

Its interim logo was coloured strips representing the Rainbow flag.

But the Pride Centre board was inspired by Philadelphia’s More Colour More Pride campaign.

It decided to add two new stripes — brown and black — as a mark of respect for diversity and inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTI people. Also for the LGBTI majority, ‘which is not Anglo-Saxon’. Read more via Gay Star News