UK 'trolling' hate crimes include bisexuals for first time

Online hate crimes, should now be treated as seriously as those in person, prosecutors in England and Wales have said. The Crown Prosecution Service today issues guidance saying the impact of tweets is just as ‘devastating’ as being shouted at. The move is part of a wider review of guidance. The UK’s CPS will be seeking tougher sentences for these kinds of crimes.

Furthermore, for the first time, it includes a direct mention of biphobic statements made online. It now acknowledges victims of biphobic hate crime have different experiences and needs to those who face offenses because they are gay or trans.

Bisexual activist Lewis Oakley says the new guidance couldn’t come soon enough: ‘I’m delighted at this development for myself and the other bisexuals. But also for people like my girlfriend who have to endure disgusting slurs about their partners. Perhaps this development by the CPS will serve as a catalyst to reassure bisexuals they don’t have to suffer in silence. And also to force others to reflect on the way they treat bisexuals.’ Read more via Gay Star News